I teach a style of yoga inspired by the approach of Vanda Scaravelli and Mary Stewart, whose teaching emphasised the relationship between gravity, the breath and the spine. It is a practice which is accessible to all, regardless of age, body type or state of health.


By sensing our connection with the ground, and with an awareness of the breath, we use the yoga postures to help us restore our natural freedom of movement. This involves patience and sensitivity as we ‘release’ the body into the postures, rather than struggling to achieve. Whilst appearing soft, this kind of yoga helps us to find an inner strength and energy, derived from alignment with gravity and freedom from unnecessary tension. 


In every class I aim to offer an all-round practice, moving the spine through forward bends and backbends, side bends and twists; freeing joints (hips, knees and shoulders); developing balance and strength; and allowing time for breathing awareness and relaxation.  

Classes are supportive and non-competitive.   You won’t have to force yourself into impossible shapes, or compare yourself with others in the class; rather you will be encouraged to pay attention to your own experience and sensation, working with your body and not against it.   Postures can be adapted to suit different needs, and alternatives can always be found.

Yoga is a not a performance – it is introspective, deepening our awareness of our own condition, both of mind and body.  Paradoxically, this introspection helps us become more conscious of the world around us, and more able to make choices about how we relate to our environment and to other people.

Yoga helps improve my breathing, flexibility and strength. The class gives me time for myself, reflection and relaxation. It encourages discipline and inspires me to do yoga at other times.
— Rachel